With over 20+ years of expertise we have been leading the way in helping companies and organizations scale transformative solutions.

Primus International Consulting Inc. provides management and strategy consulting services to institutions desiring global, sustainable growth.  We offer the capacity building services and technical assistance organizations need to thrive during fundamental structural, administrative and financial changes. Our development services prepare managers for performance excellence and operational efficiency on a competitive, international scale.  


Primus guides government institutions on projects funded by multilateral development finance agencies. We prepare these organizations for commercialization and international representation by facilitating the formation of new markets and mediating private sales. In recognition of the increasing level of private sector involvement in infrastructure development, we created specialized public-private partnership and privatization divisions consisting of experts with extensive experience in government regulation, environmental policy,  financial modeling, capital funding and organizational restructuring.

Primus facilitates contract, supply, trade and project private placement financing for companies, governments, and banking institutions in emerging economies. Primus collaborates with boutique banks, private finance houses, private equity investment firms, and other leading financial institutions to raise funding secured by first tier local bank guarantees,  un-confirmed letters of credit, corporate guarantee notes, credit insurance guarantees, sovereign guarantees, government-backed bonds. 

Primus leverages data mining and predictive analytics to maximize decision making. We harness big data to help governments, municipalities and businesses develop innovative strategies by analyzing influential preferences and habits that optimize performance. As an affiliate of Consultancy in Africa Services Ltd, and many other top tier development consulting organizations, our specialists collaborate with local policy makers to facilitate engineering, information technology and finance projects internationally.


Our Mission

We offer effective tailor-made services by coordinating a diversity of expertise to meet our clients' needs


Our Philosophy

 We take an innovative approach to rendering advisory services by offering a unique combination

of consultation and intermediation 

Our Strength

We proudly collaborate with industry leaders  with proven expertise in management, strategy,

engineering, information technology, finance, technical assistance and international relations.